The Global Investment Banking Valuation Olympiad has been hosted annually since 2011. This is a unique opportunity for business students to participate in a three-stage competition against other teams worldwide.

Each stage of the competition puts students’ valuation skills to the test in the form of an online assessment, a Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) case study, and a final presentation (for the Top 10 qualifying teams).

This event has attracted thousands of participants over the years, and teams compete in the hopes of winning a cash prize and discounted access to our Global Investment Banking Analyst programme.

In previous years, we have announced winners from prestigious universities such as the University of Cambridge, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, and the Polytechnic University of Milan.

    Winning team:

  • Cash prize of £2,000 to commemorate 10 years of the competition.

  • All finalists:

    Certificate of participation
    10% discount for the Global Investment Banking Programme (full time or part time)

  • Stage 1:

    Online Business Valuation Test
    Registered teams will complete an online valuation test containing the multiple-choice, true-false and essay questions. Teams have one hour to complete the test, and only one submission per team will be accepted.
  • Stage 2:

    M&A Case Study
    Top 20 shortlisted teams will proceed to the second stage of the competition. Teams are required to choose a company and analyse its financials and required information before submitting the following by the pre agreed deadline:
    1) Investment Memorandum
    2) Company valuations and financial models

  • Stage 3:

    Presentation at Greensea Capital
    Top 10 teams will proceed to the final stage of the competition.
    Finalist teams will present their pitch to the judging board who will select and announce the winning team at the end of the day.

Participants will be provided with more information during each stage.

Please note, the below information will assist shortlisted teams during stage 2 and 3 of the competition.

Shortlisted teams should assume they work for a leading mid-market M&A advisory firm and they have just signed an engagement letter with a client to represent them in finding a suitable buyer for their business.

The presentation will last no more than 30 minutes including Q&A. The investment memo should not be longer than 3,500 words excluding appendices. You are welcome to put Excel based financial numbers to support your analysis as a part of the appendix. The valuation of the company will be based on their annual report with the help of Excel financial models by the following two methods:

  • Value the firm by comparing with its peer group (Comparable comps)
  • Value the firm using Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCF) along with both terminal value methods (Perpetuity Growth method and Exit Multiples)

For ethical purposes all questions must be asked and will be answered in an "open mode" on our Facebook page.

  • 6th August 2021 – Registration Deadline.
       All participating teams must submit all necessary registration details by this date.
  • By 27th August 2021      Stage 1: Online Business Valuation Test
  • By 8th October 2021     Stage 2: M&A Case study
  • 12th November 2021     Stage 3: Final presentation

All teams must consist of four members

  • The team leader is responsible for submitting a registration email including the following details for themselves and other team members:
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
    • Postal address
    • University name
  • All details must be sent by email to